Firewall Rule Optimization

Enterprises today have deployed highly complicated infrastructure upon which organizational applications are hosted. Whether it be on-prem or cloud service, typical network topology is made up of several firewalls to provide network layer defense. Our unique firewall rule optimization service offering is a much sought after service by many organizations and our specialized team of network engineers take pride assisting organizations fine tune their firewalls.


  • Provides organizations with enhanced level of firewall protection regardless of if on prem or cloud.
  • Reduces network vulnerabilities and enhances performances
  • Ensures policy compliance

Firewall rule clean up

Over time, the network teams and security teams implement large amount of changes to enterprise firewalls making it highly complex. This results in significant amount of redundant, shadow and un used rules as well as forgetting dormant rules that are insecure and wide open. Attackers can exploit these misconfigured firewall configurations to gain access to applications and data.

Cleaning up firewall rules can be very complex and time consuming.  At ThreatIQ Inc., our senior network engineers have developed a set of tools and methodologies to tackle these misconfigured firewalls and bring it to a harden state.

Our approach

  1. Understanding the network topology and conducting a baseline rule assessment using automated tools that are configured to use industry standards such has NIST in order to establish compliance level. Baseline tool can also be customized to meet any unique standards required by our clients.
  2. Identify non compliant firewall rules requiring remediation with input from network, application and security teams.
  3. Develop an execution plan for remediation activities which would include phases of remediation plans, log analysis, establishing SWAT teams to triage and remediate any application impacts.
  4. Schedule, execute and monitor for application impacts, if required invoke SWAT teams to address the impact.
  5. Once optimisization is completed, perform follow up compliance assessment and if required repeat the cycle.
  6. Final report will be provided to stakeholders.

Firewall rule change governance

It is very important to keep the firewall rules tight and compliant inorder to avoid the lengthy clean up process. Often, change approvers do not always understand firewall change request and require a second setup of eyes to ensure the rule requests conform to security standards.

Our network security analysts keep a very close eye on firewall change requests to ensure the security of the network.  Our firewall governance service plugs into organizations change management process which enables us to provide the following value add services:

 Our approach

  • Review firewall rule design based on clients network topology
  • Assess security risk associated with the rule
  • Ensure Compliance to Policies and Standards
  • Maintains network security.

    Managed firewall service

    Organizations especially small to mid size companies are overwhelmed by the amount of network changes to meet the ever changing business needs.  As such firewall changes are very frequent and often complex. With the cloud adoption, managing firewalls in the cloud are considered to be natural extensions to on prem firewalls further complicate the matter.

    At ThreatIQ our highly qualified network security engineer can take all that hassle away from your IT Team. Our team is made up of Certified Network Engineers with years of experience working with major network vendors such as Cisco, Checkpoint, Juniper, Palo Alto and Fortinet.

    Let us manage the security of your network so you can focus on your core business.