Security Consulting

At ThreatIQ, our goal is to provide superior security consulting service regardless of the size or nature of your organization. Our consulting service suit is designed to enable organizations implement a robust cyber security program.

    Security Program Development

    A Security Program provides the framework for keeping your company at a desired security level and defines basis to identify and managed cyber security risks appropriately. The process of creating a security program will make you think holistically about your organization’s cyber security maturity.

    At ThreatIQ, our experienced Cyber Security professionals can deliver on your security program initiative by developing your security strategy, write or update security policies & standards and provide security awareness & training program to your entire organization.

      Security Strategy Development

      Internal breaches have increased to 75% of all Cyberattacks. Organizations are placing a larger emphasis on external bound cyber attacks however employees are constantly targeted by the attackers which often results in data breaches. Equally problematic are the risks imposed by the supply chain ecosystem which further increases the potential attack surface for a hacker to gain access to valuable data.

      To defend against todays emerging cyber attacks, it is critical for organizations to have a comprehensive detailed security strategy and awareness of all aspect within their organization.

      Our Approach

      • Identify: Essential elements to meet compliance.
      • Assess: The current state of security posture & gaps.
      • Develop: The Strategy, Policies,  Plans, Stakeholder buy in.
      • Train: To create organizational awareness.
      • Monitor: The strategy performance & identify room for improvement.
      • Respond: Revise strategy, enforce compliance & adherence.
      • Evolve: Based on changing needs, demands and events.

      Policies & Standard Development

      Organizations that do not have security policies in place are potentially exposed to internal, external and legal issues. This is particularly important for organizations that carry out online transactions and collect customer data. Security policies gives organizations confidence and a baseline requirements on how to manage security risks related to People, Process and Technology.

      At ThreatIQ, our experienced cyber security professional with over 40 years of experience can help you develop Security Policies & Standards that can be customized to your organizational structure and will be reflective of any unique regulatory or compliance requirements.

      Our approach

      Security Policies & Standards developed by our expert team of writers provides:

      • Effective Usability
      • Allows it to evolve over time
      • Takes accounts for Human Error
      • Standardization & can be followed by all
      • Multidisciplinary users
      • Explains how to handle security incidents


      • Protects organizations through a proactive policy stance.
      • Provides rules for end users and IT Personnel .
      • Defines and authorize consequences of violation
      • Ensures proper compliance with regulatory & legislated requirements.

      Virtual CISO

      Chief Information Security Officer’s (CISO) roles it to oversee the security strategy, advice business on risk management decisions and manage breaches and security incidents. However; for some organizations, having a dedicated CISO can be costly. Experienced CISO’s are highly in demand and difficult to find.

      Tying the Security Strategy and Policy development services together is our virtual CISO. Best fit for Small to mid-size companies, this service allows organization to outsource the role of a CISO based on a subscription model. This provides organizations the ability to access highly experienced CISO’s on demand and is cost effective.


      • vCISO costs 30-40% compare to full time CISO
      • Access to CISOs with years of cyber security experience on demand
      • Provides an independent view of the Organization’s cyber security challenges
      • Ensure proper compliance with regulatory & legislated requirements.

      Security Awareness & Training Program

      Human errors are driving much of the data breaches in organizations.  Employees who unwillingly cause security incidents through negligent actions – accounted for two-thirds of all the records that were comprised in 2017. Phishing remained prevalent and are a successful means for attackers gain access to data. Organizations should provide Security Awareness & Training Programs to protect themselves from these instances. It is also important for all other organizations that makes up the ecosystem such as supply chain to invest in Cyber Security Education & Training for their employees.

      At ThreatIQ, we can put together a simplified , educational and easy to understand security education program and deliver it to your employees using effective means regardless of if your employess are located at on location or remote.

      Our approach

      • Step 1: Review Organizational Security Policies and Standards
      • Step 2: Build the awareness program content
      • Step 3: Establish an effective media to deliver the contents to the employees
      • Step 4: Validate the effectiveness of the awareness program by testing employees(ie. Phishing exercise etc.)
      • Step 5: Review the findings and update user awareness training content and repeat the cycle.


      • Builds a strong human firewall
      • Employees will be able to better recognize and defend against targeted cyber attacks.
      • Enable compliance stipulated by regulatory and legislated requirements.
      • Ensure proper compliance with regulatory & legislated requirements.
      • Protects company reputation.
      • Saves organizations time and money over time.