Security testing & Evaluation

With cyber attacks increasing, it is more important than ever before to undertake regular Security Testing & Evaluation of your applications, networks and mobile apps. Security testing identifies vulnerabilities and validates security controls that are in place are functioning as designed.

Our Approach:

  • Reconnaissance:  A typical Black Box testing will commence with our team of Certified Ethical Hackers gathering information about your network or application using service scanning, search engine discovery, finger printing, application enumeration, Domain lookup, public network addressing, social engineering and many more tactics.  For White Box testing, the testing team will gather much of the information about the network topology and/or application design from the client.
  • Planning: During the planning phase, the team utilizes the information gathered during reconnaissance, identifies possible weaknesses that can be used to gain access to sensitive information. This phase may include tactics such as Phishing to get credentials that my be required to launch an attack against the network or application.
  • Attack & Exploit:  in this phase, the tester will launch a series of attacks by exploiting vulnerabilities during the reconnaissance phase with the goal of gaining access to the network.
  • Maintaining Access:  Once the tester gains access, the next step is to ensure that the access is un detected and can be kept for prolong period of time.  This is achieved by creating back door credentials with administrative privileges that are hard to detect.
  • Reporting: In this final phase, the tester will gather all of the evidence collected through out the testing and report on the results of the test.


  • Conducting routine penetration testing against your network and application to determine the feasibility of particular set of attacks.
  • Helps identify the magnitude of potential business and operational impacts of successful attacks
  • Enables you to test your security monitoring service and the ability to detect and defend against an attack.
  • Helps meet various legislated and industry compliance requirements

Our strength

  • Our penetration testing team is made up of experts with well over 10 years of experience conducting penetration testing.
  • Resources are security cleared and we maintain the confidentiality of your information and findings.
  • Our team works with you and any external service providers to minimize any impact to your infrastructure during testing.
  • Our report provides detail solutions to remediate any findings as a result of our penetration testing.

Network Penetration Testing

Does your network have the means to defend an attacker from gaining access ?.  One of the ways attackers try to gain access to organizations sensitive information is through the companies network that can be accessed publicly. It could be your public facing network devices such as routers, firewall and Remote Access Service or servers hosting company website and online services.

Your wireless networks presents yet another point of entry for attackers to gain access.  It is important to have strong authentication for devices to connect to the internal wireless network.  Wireless controllers are properly configured.

With organization moving their infrastructure to Cloud, cloud network design needs to be robust and secure. Though cloud service providers offer some network security functionality, configuring and maintaining the cloud network design can be cumbersome and often becomes susceptible to attacks.

Application Penetration Testing


Another means for attackers to gain access to sensitive data that your organization holds is by means of hacking your internet facing applications.  Whether it be a simple company website or a site that enables online transaction, if an attacker sees an opportunity to gain access to your data by exploiting the web application that can be monetized, they will target.  Attackers are targeting even small to mid size companies internet portals with the hopes of getting valuable information that can be sold.

Mobile Application:

Mobile applications have become popular and business are relying on mobile apps to conduct day to day business. These applications have also become a target for attackers.  Mobile apps rely on backend infrastructure to feed dynamic content which can be targeted by malicious users.

Our approach

Our penetration testing service delivered by experienced Certified Ethical Hackers doesn’t stop at simply uncovering vulnerabilities associated to your network, web application or mobile apps. It goes to the next step of actively exploiting and gaining access. Our penetration testing team brings specialized skills and wherewithal they leverage in the context of an active attack. Our tests are designed to prove “What is the real-world effectiveness of my existing security controls against an active, human, skilled attacker?”.

Put your network and your application through a real penetration test. Let our team of expert help you be proactive and manage your risks so that you can sleep easy.

How Secure is Your Supply Chain Ecosystem?

Recent attacks are focused on supply chain echo system where hackers have gained access to downstream service providers network who have established a private network connectivity to access clients internal applications. Attackers exploit vulnerabilities inherent in suppliers and service providers network and find their way into your network. Attack on the  retail giant Target was  successful due to weakness in their HVAC service provider.

Todays growing cyber attacks, we strongly advise businesses assess the risks imposed by their suppliers and service providers. Ask for security certification before doing business and build security into your business model.

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