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Mergers & Acquisition Risk Assessments

An Informed Risk Based Approach to Mergers & Acquisition.

What is an Informed Risk Based Approach to Mergers & Acquisition?

Our Mergers and Acquisitions Risk Assessment service is designed to uncover and navigate the hidden cybersecurity risks that could potentially undermine your investment. Our seasoned experts employ a customized risk assessment methodology based on NIST framework to thoroughly evaluate the cybersecurity maturity and posture of the target company that you are planning to acquire.  Our assessment can help you determine if additional investment is required to improve the overall cybersecurity posture of target company and how to securely integrate their IT footprint into your organization.

Mergers & Acquisition Risk Assessments

Key Benefits

Informed Decision-Making

Conducting a cybersecurity risk assessment before an acquisition provides valuable insights into the target company's digital landscape, enabling you to make better-informed decisions and allocate resources more effectively.

Enhanced Due Diligence

By identifying potential vulnerabilities and areas of non-compliance, you can better gauge the overall risk associated with the acquisition, strengthening your due diligence process and ensuring a more secure investment.

Mitigation of Post-Acquisition Costs

Uncovering and addressing cybersecurity risks prior to the acquisition helps avoid unexpected financial burdens stemming from data breaches, system downtime, or regulatory fines, ultimately protecting your bottom line.

Smooth Integration

Understanding the target company's cybersecurity posture allows for seamless integration of IT systems and security practices, minimizing disruptions and fostering a unified, resilient digital infrastructure for your newly combined organization.

What you will get out of our service:


Comprehensive Risk Analysis Report

A detailed report outlining the target company’s cybersecurity vulnerabilities, potential threats, cybersecurity maturity and areas of non-compliance, enabling you to better understand and quantify the risks associated with the acquisition.


Actionable Recommendations

A prioritized list of cybersecurity improvements and remediation strategies tailored to the specific needs of the target company, ensuring a smooth integration and fortified security posture post-acquisition.


Regulatory Compliance Assessment

A thorough evaluation of the target company’s adherence to industry-specific regulations and data protection standards, providing insights into potential legal or financial liabilities and the steps needed to achieve compliance.

Secure your investment's future with our expert M&A cybersecurity risk assessments.

Why Hire Threat IQ?

Entrust your M&A cybersecurity risk assessments to our cyber risk analysts and experience the confidence that comes from unearthing hidden risk and vulnerabilities, transforming them into opportunities for growth and to improve your overall security posture.

Expertise and Experience

Our seasoned professionals possess extensive knowledge and a proven track record in navigating the complex cybersecurity landscape, ensuring thorough assessments that reveal potential cybersecurity risks and vulnerabilities.

Tailored Approach to Risk Assessment

Our customized approach to each M&A risk assessment enables us to deliver targeted recommendations that address specific cybersecurity concerns, ensuring a fortified security posture and a smooth integration.

Holistic Perspective

We adopt a comprehensive, risk-based approach that considers regulatory compliance, data protection, and potential threats, empowering you to make well-informed decisions and safeguard your investment for long-term success.