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Penetration Testing Services

Identify and mitigate vulnerabilities in your Operational Technology (OT) environment with our comprehensive Penetration Testing Services. Our team of skilled cybersecurity professionals simulates real-world cyberattacks to evaluate your organization’s defences, uncover weaknesses, and provide actionable recommendations to strengthen your OT security posture.

What are our Penetration Testing Services?

Our Penetration Testing Services for Operational Technology (OT) provide organizations with a proactive approach to identifying and addressing vulnerabilities and weaknesses in their critical infrastructure, industrial control systems (ICS), and automation networks. Our team of experience security professionals will simulate real-world cyber attacks in a controlled environment to uncover potential risks and gaps in your security posture. By utilizing advanced testing techniques, industry-specific knowledge, and a deep understanding of the unique challenges in OT environments, we help organizations strengthen their defences and safeguard their critical assets against evolving cyber threats.

Penetration Testing Services

Key Benefits

Proactive identify

Proactively identify and address vulnerabilities and weaknesses in your OT environment.

Deeper understanding

Gain a deeper understanding of your organization's security posture and potential attack vectors.

Validate existing security controls

Validate the effectiveness of existing security controls and policies.

Ensure compliance

Ensure compliance with industry-specific regulations and best practices.

Improve overall security

Improve overall security and resilience to cyber threats, safeguarding critical assets and processes.

Increase stakeholder confidence

Increase stakeholder confidence in your organization's ability to protect against and respond to cyber incidents.

What you will get our of our service:


Scoping and Planning

We will work closely with your organization to understand your OT environment, identify key assets, and define the scope and objectives of the penetration testing engagement. This ensures that our testing efforts are aligned with your specific requirements and focused on the most critical areas of your OT infrastructure.


Reconnaissance and Intelligence Gathering

Our team will conduct a thorough analysis of your OT systems, gathering information about network architecture, potential vulnerabilities, and existing security controls. This information will be used to develop a comprehensive understanding of your environment and to inform the subsequent stages of the penetration testing process.


Active Penetration Testing

Our pen testers will simulate real-world cyber attacks on your OT infrastructure, using the latest techniques and tools to exploit identified vulnerabilities and weaknesses. This hands-on approach allows our security experts to evaluate the effectiveness of your security controls and assess the potential impact of a successful cyber attack.


Vulnerability Validation and Exploitation

We will validate the identified vulnerabilities by demonstrating their exploitability and the potential consequences of a successful attack. This step helps to prioritize the most critical vulnerabilities and provides tangible evidence of the risks they pose to your organization.


Reporting and Remediation

At the conclusion of the penetration test, we will provide a detailed report outlining the findings, including discovered vulnerabilities, exploited weaknesses, and the potential impact of successful cyber attacks. We will also provide practical recommendations for addressing these issues and enhancing your overall security posture.


Re-testing and Validation

Upon request, our team can perform follow-up testing to validate that the recommended remediation measures have been effectively implemented and that your OT environment is now more secure and resilient to cyber attacks.

Secure your OT environment against potential attacks. Reach out to our expert team today to schedule a Penetration Testing Service and take the first step towards strengthening your organization's cybersecurity posture.

Why Engage Threat IQ?

Engage ThreatIQ for penetration testing services for operational technology (OT), and take advantage of our seasoned experts, state-of-the-art tools, and methodical approach to uncover hidden vulnerabilities, fortify your security measures, and ensure your critical infrastructure remains resilient against potential cyberattacks.

We are a team of Operational Technology Engineers

Our team is composed of seasoned cybersecurity professionals with diverse backgrounds in information security and, process engineering. We specialize in identifying vulnerabilities, designing effective security strategies, and implementing robust defence mechanisms to protect your organization from potential threats.

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Our extensive industry experience enables us to understand the unique challenges faced by businesses across various sectors. We believe in transparency in all our interactions with clients, ensuring that we deliver customized, effective solutions that address your specific security concerns and requirements.

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We pride ourselves on our commitment to innovation. We stay informed about the latest advancements in technology, processes, and industry best practices to ensure that our clients receive state-of-the-art solutions that not only meet their current needs but also position them for future success.